Sensors communicate directly with the ALFANO 7, with no need for cabling or intermediate boxes. Thanks to Wireless, we have currently developed a sensor that measures pressure and temperature inside the tire.


Smartphone - Tablet - PC

We are the first and only company to offer our customers the possibility of analyzing their data from a smartphone or tablet.

  • GPS

    The ALFANO 7 has a 25 Hz GPS which uses 4 satellite positioning constellations: GALILEO (EU), NAVSTAR (US), GLONASS (RU), BEIDOU (CHINA) which aim to further improve the accuracy of data, time and trajectories.


    40 hours of autonomy allow you to last the whole weekend on a single charge, thanks to our powerful and low consumption electronics. It is also possible to charge your Alfano 6 thanks to a POWER BANK without having to remove your Alfano 6 from the wheel.


    Communication, easy and fast. It is activated with a single press of the specific button, even when the Alfano 6 is switched off.


    The ALFANO 7 now features wireless communication, enabling a family of wireless sensors to communicate directly with the ALFANO 7 without the need for cables or intermediate boxes. To date, we've developed two types of wireless sensor for measuring tire pressure and temperature. Other wireless sensors and peripherals will be added to the ALFANO range in the near future.

  • IP67

    The Alfano 7 will continue to work perfectly even in heavy rain, as will all our products.

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