Alfano 6 2T Pack 1
Alfano 6
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ALFANO 6 2T – Pack 1

  • A1060 ALFANO 6 2T : the integrated GPS antenna (latest generation) captures 3 groups of satellite systems. (GALILEO EU, European high-precision satellite navigation, NAVSTAR US, GLONASS UK, total +/- 35 satellites), Bluetooth 4.0, lithium-ion battery capacity 3000 mA.


It comes with:

  • A4501 USB charger (EU)
  • A4510 cable for charger, (Warning: this cable is not suitable for data download)
  • A1600 RPM sensor cable
  • A2101 water sensor NTC, metric 10×1, 45cm
  • A3301 extension for temperature sensor NTC, 135cm
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